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Our School

We strive to provide the best learning experience at Forest Park School.

Our School

How can we help your child at Forest Park School?

30 Place Secondary School

Forest Park School will be a 30 place Secondary school for young people with a primary need of ASD.

Class Sizes of 6

Class sizes of 6 with a staff ratio of 1 teacher and 2 Specialist Teaching assistants will provide our students with the support to thrive in the classroom environment.

Secondary Curriculum

We will offer a broad and balanced secondary curriculum that offers challenge, yet also meets the needs of individuals.

Dual Pathway

Our dual pathway will enable students to, where appropriate, follow a 1-9 curriculum as well as providing a more skills based pathway for those learners who require it.

Required Qualifications

All of our students will leave with qualifications in English and maths, as well as Food and Nutrition and the essential skills for a healthy and successful life.

Specialist Subjects

The curriculum will be delivered through a part primary model at the core, enabling students to also experience specialist subjects in other parts of the school.

Using Thrive and PACE

Our teaching and learning is therapeutically informed. Using PACE and Thrive to underpin our pedagogy.

Extra Curricular Activities

Our extended school provision enables our students to experience extra curricular activities that they may otherwise find difficult to access.

Doing Homework



What can we offer?

Every young person deserves the opportunity to reach their potential.

SEND Audit

SEND Audit and review service. Teeacher Training. Working with trusts to improve mainstream provision for SEND.


Year 4, 5, 6 provision. Pre EHCP? Working through diagnosis and application, supporting children and families.

Secondary SEND

11-16 Secondary SEND. ASD, CL primary need. Wrap around therapeutic support and extended school offer.

Vocational Pathway

Post 16 provison for EHCP Vocational pathway Apprenticeships for SEND.

Educational Testing

Educational testing and reporting service. First stage EP reporting. Dyslexia and dyscalculia testing. Thrive, OT, Pyschotherapy, counselling, Family support.


Every young person deserves the opportunity to reach their potential; our core values focus on those skills young people need to be successful in life.

Reaching Potential

Trusting relationships create safe environments in which to thrive. Through challenge-both physical and academic we build resilience. Young people are able to engage in experiences that give them enjoyment and feel success.

In the Classroom

Our Values

Trust. Resilience. Engagement. Enjoyment. Success.

Our Values






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